We are relentless in our pursuit to educate the masses and uncover and discover the truth, the research, the opportunities and the innovation with Mother Nature’s best.


The Svn Space Agency Team

Svn Space Agency Sustainable Rep Group

It started 6 years ago when cannabis reemerged front and center and was all the buzz. The cannabis industry was born overnight, and opportunities were both limited and limitless. Fascinated by a plant that was often misunderstood yet grew like “weeds” (pun intended) and had a multitude of beneficial uses for all living things and the planet, Svn Space was born. As we peeled back the layers and uncovered the truth around cannabis and hemp, our first goal was to reverse the many years of negative stigma and propaganda.

We did this by creating a multimedia platform and dedicated our first print issue to educating the masses on Cannabis with a focus on Hemp. High quality content, stunning visuals and authentic stories to openly discuss and leave people feeling inspired and wanting to learn more.

Motivated by our elevated aesthetics and provocative stories, brands reached out in need of branding, content, videos, stories, consumer and b2b events to make them visible to the public. We expanded our stable of talent here in Southern CA, backed by years of expertise in branding, creative, marketing, product development, sourcing, merchandising, sales, retail, storytelling, publishing and more.

Svn Space Agency was created in providing plant-based brands and sustainable brands a platform, a voice and a point of differentiation in a rapidly growing and much needed space for the well being of people and the planet.

We purposely work with and represent partners on a similar journey to change the course of the future through the decisions we consciously make in the present.

Just some of the brands we love, collaborate with and represent.

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