Eye Detox


SIZE: Roller

Strength: 20mg CBD

CBD eye serum for puffy eyes

Refresh & brighten skin AND reduce puffiness around your eyes with this easy to use CBD EYE SERUM metal roll on applicator.

CBD eye serum Powerful roll-on formula uses our super couple ingredients CBD X CHAGA (see what CHAGA is below) alongside sweet almond oil, geranium and rosehip essential oil extracts to cool skin, and reduce appearance of under-eye bags.

What is CHAGA?

“The antioxidant potential of Chaga is of particular interest for the future of skin care due to the specific components of melanin and hispidin analogs (polyphenols), and superoxide dismutase and catalase (enzymes that act as powerful antioxidants). These compounds are thought to be produced in response to Chaga’s exposures in its natural environment. Chaga had pigment reducing effects that would produce the same effects as a skin-whitening agent commonly found in cosmetics. Pigment reduction may help to even skin tone in those that have developed darker spots while pigment activation may be helpful in conditions where pigment has been lost or reduced”

Source : Dermveda


Incorporating Chaga And CBD sets this Eye Detox apart in how the different components may be useful cosmetically. Chaga is an excellent source of the anti-oxidant melanin, which can enhance, beautify and protect skin, eyes and hair. CBD possesses a hopeful capacity to reverse the signs of aging, simply through the application of this all-natural plant extract that comes directly from Mother Nature herself. This may seem too good to be true, but plant power has been utilized for centuries as a treatment for numerous aspects, including reducing wrinkles and fine lines.


20mg Full Spectrum CBD (derived from Industrial Hemp), wild harvested chaga mushroom, sweet almond oil, geranium essential oil, rosehip essential oil

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