Fifth & Root

High Glow Radiance Facial Oil


Size: 30ml

Strength: 300mg CBD

Got low glow? It’s time to glow-up…

Undo the skin damaging effects of urban living and say bye to a dull, dry complexion with this high-vibe botanical oil blend rich in whole plant CBD & powerful plant actives that creates instant dewiness and lasting radiance. Cell renewal is boosted and skin looks eternally youthful, gorgeous and glowy.

  • Rejuvenates
  • Smooths
  • Calms
  • Enhances Radiance
  • Ingredients that Vibe:
    • Bakuchiol: A partial terpene (yay terpenes!) with antioxidant, soothing and bacteria-fighting activity has been shown in clinical studies to have retinol-like functionality and is similar in its ability to improve photoageing (wrinkles and hyperpigmentation) but with less irritation potential.
    • CBD Full Spectrum Extract: Has major inflammation-fighting compounds and helps reduce redness and irritation, bringing skin back to a state of happy balance.
    • Blend of 7 Nourishing Oils: Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that help keep the skin barrier moisturized and intact.
    • Ashwaghanda & Passionflower: Calming herbs that leave skin feeling elevated.
    • Terpenes: Antioxidants, soothing agents, penetration enhancers, and key players for the entourage effect.

    How to Use:

  • Massage 4-6 drops into clean skin morning or evening and allow the calming botanicals to elevate your senses

    Some extra guidance: High Glow Radiance Facial Oil was created for topical use only. If any skin irritation occurs, please discontinue use and call your health expert.

    Insider tip: High Glow Radiance Facial Oil is a magic moisture boosting mixer. Add this to any of our topical skincare products for extra hydration and a glowy sheen.



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