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Give Yourself A Spa Day Gift Set


Why spend a fortune and go to a Spa, when you can give yourself a self care CBD and aroma therapy spa day at home. A great way to unwind and explore the benefits of a cannabis oil candle to set the mood to a luxurious bubble bath.

Relax in the tub with a :

  • Bliss Ball - drop one of these 50 mg bath bombs into the tub after a tough workout, a day wrangling the kids or as your reward after a long week. This full spectrum bath bomb is effervescent, skin-softening and aromatic bath bomb with soothing relief for sore muscles, joints and cramps.

    While the water runs and the tub fills, light our:

    • Zen Garden Coconut Wax Candle by Urban Re-leaf that uses cannabis essential oil with scented carrier oil blends for the skin, muscles and all types of massages.

      Now that you’re in the tub, give yourself a facial with:

      • A CBD infused Cellulose Face mask that is a super-charged sheet mask infused with cannabinoid antioxidants work to undo skin damage from pollution, sun, and various environmental factors. Soft and supple to the face (especially those with sensitive skin), breathable,  light weight, comfortable, naturally conforms to skin and is biodegradable. 

        Melt away the stresses of the day and give yourself a spa day!

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