Luna Volta

Microgravity Bath Bombs

  • Luna Volta's luxurious microgravity CBD bath bombs mix skin-loving moisturizers, plant-derived essential oils, and 20mg of full spectrum hemp extract each. Organic ingredients. Handcrafted. Each planet is sold separately.
  • Why bath bombs? One, Similarly to how a tincture works - cannabinoids can enter the bloodstream by being absorbed by a mucous membrane, which they come in contact with in a bath. Second, by engaging with receptors in and on our skin. Three, combined with the aromatherapy benefits of the plant-derived essential oils and skin-loving moisturizers, relax your mind and body while leaving your skin silky smooth.

Microgravity: A condition where the force of gravity is very low, producing a near weightless environment (like floating in space...or the next best thing, your tub). Relax, soak, breathe. Your skin will thank you.
Packaging: Plastic-free! Each PLANET is sealed in an innovative plant-based material NatureFlex that is 100% (at-home) compostable and food-grade safe. They are wrapped in biodegradable hexagon-shaped boxes made from hemp paper. The boxes are inspired by hexagons found abundantly throughout nature (think beehives + turtle shells).
Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate F, epsom salts F, citric acid F, corn starch F, fractionated coconut oil*, jojoba oil*, sweet almond oil*, water, full spectrum PCR hemp extract*F, essential oil blend*, dried flowers F *organic, F food grade

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