Svn Space

Mother Earth Starter Kit


In celebration of Earth Day and the day Svn Space officially launched, we put some of our favorite products in one Box for the person who wants to get started on their Hemp and CBD journey. From Hemp Seed Oil capsules (containing NO CBD) and are “oceans” better than Fish Oil capsules to a Full Spectrum CBD tincture with packaging that can be planted and grow into wild flowers. Yes, wild flowers… what better way to give back to our Mother Earth!

Recharge, re-boot and revive yourself with a curated box of Hemp supplements to CBD beauty…

Learn about each product below:

  1. Luna Volta Full Spectrum CBD Oil - Strength of CBD: 600mg
  2. Rose Hydrating Facial Mist by Cordial Organics - a hydrating facial oil
  3. Focus CBD Mints by Lucent Botanicals - metered doses of 10mg per mint
  4. Cellulose CBD Face Mask by Swell CBD - a supercharged sheet mask with CBD
  5. Organic Hemp Seed Oil Capsules by Tonik - rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties
  6. Wise Woman CBD Comfort Balm by Moon Mother - full spectrum hemp extract and nourishing oils and butters for that time of the month
  7. NĀMAKA Super “C” and Sea antioxidant mask - A Full spectrum CBD clay powder, activated by water to create a luxurious mask
  1. FREE GIFT SAMPLE SIZE of our best selling Palo Santos CBD roll on.

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