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Pain Pain Go Away Holiday Gift Set

$50 $135

Try an edible and a topical to alleviate your pain with the natural healing powers of CBD. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and targets joint pain. Here is a helpful article to learn more.

Buy this gift for: the person in your life who doesn't want to try a CBD Oil and would prefer taking CBD in a perfectly measured dose, like taking a vitamin. Applying CBD topically like a lotion or cream for pain relief.

This Holiday bundle set includes:

Proper Hemp Co. CBD + Curcumin Pain Relief Soft Gels - 25mg CBD per capsule

A unique combination of CBD + Curcumin thanks to Proper Hemp Co. with this 25mg CBD + 10mg Curcumin (30 ct.) Softgels. Proper Hemp Co.’s delivery system maximizes absorption of cannabinoids in the body and is up to 5 times more effective than standard Broad Spectrum CBD and 100 times more effective than Curcumin oil in its natural form.

CBD + Nature Pain Relief Cream - 25mg CBD

An anti-inflammatory cream with Cannabidiol Oil (CBD from hemp) and nature’s ingredients to comfort and relieve skin irritation and aches/pains.

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