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Peppermint Relief Body Oil

$15 $30

SIZE: 10ml

Strength: 200mg CBD

The metal ball roll-on applicator makes Relief Body Oil easy-to-use and convenient to take with you in a purse or a pocket. The relief body oil is USDA certified organic (YES, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY — one of the first CBD products to be labeled with USDA certified organic) and made from full-spectrum organic hemp and USDA certified organic MCT oil. Peppermint is a versatile essential oil known to boost energy, as well as ease headaches, seasonal allergies and muscle aches.

  • USDA certified organic hemp and all ingredients
  • 3rd party lab tested for heavy metals, solvents or pesticides, to ensure purity
  • Environmental Working Group verification
  • No added chemicals or synthetic fragrance
  • 200mg of hemp CBD per bottle


Organic MCT Coconut Oil made from organic young coconuts, Organic Hemp Oil Extract, Organic Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil.

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