Lex Weinstein

Single Fin, Not Single Use Hemp and Cotton Tote bag


Limited Edition Hemp/Cotton Tote Bag designed by Svn Space Contributor, Surfer, Conscious Creative and Creator of Sea & Soil, Lex Weinstein.

Lex and Svn Space have joined forces to bring awareness on banning single use plastics with this simple yet effective message. Be the change and use this convenient tote bag from your grocery store to the beach.

These durable tote bags are made from a blend of Hemp fabric and Organic cotton. Hemp fiber is a sustainable material made of fibers from a high yielding crop. Hemp has eight times the tensile strength of other natural fibers and is blended with cotton to make it softer.

Benefits of Hemp Fabric:

  • Durable and long lasting - in fact as you wash hemp fabric, the wear will get softer each time yet maintain its durability

  • Naturally pest-resistant and can be grown pesticide free

  • Sustainable and renewable

  • Naturally more absorbent than other fabrics

  • All-natural fiber

The more we know, the better choices we make and the more we demand from manufacturers and retailers to keep our planet (where we ALL live) healthy.

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